I see people

  • individually
  • in couples
  • as families
  • in groups
  • according to your need.

Although sessions are normally in person, at my office, I offer other forms of "getting together" such as phone sessions or "Skype" sessions, if this seems appropriate, necessary or useful. I have also conducted sessions via e-mail, in special circumstances.

Frequency of sessions
The frequency of sessions is flexible. It depends on a number of factors, including the problem for which you are seeking help, the urgency of your need, and my expectation of what will be most effective for you. There are also the logistical "realities" such as your schedule and your ability to pay. We decide on a frequency when we first meet, and this can be renegotiated at any time.

Length of sessions
A regular session is a "50 minute hour". This means that the actual session is 50 minutes, with the other 10 minutes allotted for reviewing my notes prior to the session, completing them after the session, taking payment, and rebooking. There are times, however, when you may feel you need a longer session, or I may recommend it. This is always open to discussion.

Initial sessions are almost always 1 1/2 hours (i.e. 75 min. of face time). This gives us the time to thoroughly discuss and explore your situation and your needs, as well as to discuss and agree on how we will work together.

2 hour-long (or more) sessions are sometimes useful in certain circumstances such as when someone:

  • is travelling a long way
  • will be absent for an extended period of time
  • is experiencing a severe crisis
  • wants to do in-depth work on an issue

Other, flexible options are available, depending on your situation and your need. Shorter sessions may be useful for:

  • help in resisting engaging in a  pattern of behaviour you are trying to change
  • help with a crisis situation
  • help with managing overwhelming emotions
  • problem-solving an immediate situation

As a registered psychologist, my services are not covered by the provincial health plan (MSI), but they are covered by your private health insurance plan, if you have one. Coverage amounts and rates vary according to plans: please check carefully what your coverage is. I am also covered through Health Canada First Nations and Inuit Health.


Group sessions
I offer a variety of group processes, at various times, according to interest and demand.