Listen To Your Heart

Listen to Your Heart:

Using Mindfulness to Make Choices That Are Right For You  

Listen to Your Heart describes a mindfulness-based approach to making decisions that eliminates the anxiety and stress that comes from doubt and indecision. It will teach you to identify and to let go of the automatic thought processes that lead to anxiety and indecision, and to focus on internal, bodily signals that clearly and consistently indicate what choices are congruent with your overall well-being.You will learn to identify your patterns, and understand why you have approached decision-making in ways that are not working for you. With this insight, you will immediately understand why learning and  practicing this technique is beneficial. Each step of the process is thoroughly explained and there are multiple practice exercises to enable you to develop this skill. The approach itself is simple and easy to learn, taught in five simple steps.

Learning this approach to decision-making not only reduces stress and anxiety around decision-making. It is hugely empowering to clearly know and to trust what you clearly feel is the right decision for you. The skills learned from this book go beyond making life simpler and less stressful; they help you to develop a sense of confidence, empowerment and accurate intuition.

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