1. Introductory Workshop


2. Basic Level Training


Help clients (or yourself) to rapidly:

Change lifelong thinking patterns that limit growth;

• Learn to calm anxiety and upsets;

• Resolve emotional trauma without being re-traumatized;

• Remove the blocks that interfere with accomplishing goals; and

• Become less reactive to difficult situations.



Logosynthesis is a relatively new, innovative and comprehensive system for guided change. It is comprised of a unique theoretical/conceptual model, and a unique method, embedded in a coherent, holistic view of human nature that enables us to resolve longstanding patterns, reduce distress, and reconnect to our truest being.

Logosynthesis is an integrative approach that combines concepts from several schools of psychotherapy with those of Energy Psychology, and from time-worn practices of healing through the intentional use of words.

It is easily applied within the fields of counselling, psychotherapy and coaching, and can also be an adjunct to other forms of healing and therapeutic work. It is also easy to learn for self-help.

Logosynthesis can be used to support people in overcoming grief and traumatic memories. It has also been used for a variety of conditions such as anxiety, depression, burnout, fear and physical symptoms.  The process of Logosynthesis also facilitates the recognition and systematic resolution of self-limiting patterns.

In everyday life and coaching, Logosynthesis can be used to help people to recognize and attain life goals, relationships goals, work satisfaction and a greater enjoyment of life.


Who can Participate?

  • Introduction to Logosynthesis

This one-day program is open to all. Practitioners can take this as an introduction to see if they are interested in further training, while non-practitioners can take it for self-help and personal growth.


  • The Basic Level Training

The Basic Level Training program is intended for Professionals and current full-time students in fields such as:

  • counselling,

  • social work,

  • psychology,

  • psychotherapy,

  • supervision,

  • psychiatry

  • coaching.


As well, people in other helping professions, who are trained and certified and who are a member of a regulating body, may also be eligible:

  • education,

  • medicine,

  • healing professions

  • teaching professions in pedagogy and adragogy,

  • HR specialists,

  • physicians,

  • midwives

  • chaplains/ministry.





Introduction to Logosynthesis:

This one-day program teaches the basics of the theory and the technique. The emphasis is on application, and equipping you with the basic knowledge and tools to explore and apply this technique for yourself, on yourself. Although it is only one day, it may change all your ideas about what it takes to create personal change in thoughts and behaviours. It is not an adqequate training to use it with others in any professional capacity.


Presented by Philippe Isler, MA


The Basic Level Training:

This three-day seminar introduces the theory, the model and the method.

The material will be presented through lectures, power point, live demonstration and experiential exercises.

Participants will be given ample opportunity for discussion and supervised practice.

At the end of the three days, you will be able to apply the basics of this state-of-the-art method in your work with your clients (and yourself) within the context of your professional practice and theoretical framework.

As a result  of your participation in this program, you will have access to online support and to further training.

The Basic Training program is a foundational training that allows you to begin using Logosynthesis in your practice. It is both a prerequisite to becoming a Certified Practitioner, and to accessing a growing number of Advanced Training workshops, as well as online support. Further training is available to deepen and refine your use of the method, your grasp of the principles, and the scope of your practice with it.

The Institute for Logosynthesis offers training for the level of Practitioner, Instructor, Master Practitioner and Trainer. Complete details for all training can be found at:


Presented by Philippe Isler, MA Reg Psychologist

and Trish North M.Ed RCT-C CCC


Introduction to Logosynthesis

Date:          To be determined

Location: Kentville, NS



Logosynthesis Basic Level Training:

Date: April 27, 28 & 29, 2018

Location: Halifax, NS
Tuition: $495.00

*Early-bird price: $450.00 until March 15, 2018.
*Full time students: $350.00.



To register contact: Philippe Isler at or call 902-690-7540

Cheques or email money transfers accepted.

The Basic Level training has been preapproved by CCPA for 18 continuing education credits.



Logosynthesis: The Books

By: Dr. Willem Lammers

Logosynthesis - Healing with Words: A
Handbook for the Helping Professions

Self-Coaching with Logosynthesis: How
the Power of Words can Change your


Order at:

For more information, visit the international website at:

Program Facilitators

Philippe Isler, MA is a Registered Psychologist with a full-time private practice divided between Halifax and Kentville, Nova Scotia. Philippe has over 20 years' experience integrating energy healing modalities of various types with more conventional approaches such as psychodynamic and cognitive therapies, as well as extensive experience in the treatment of trauma. He is committed to the dissemination of Logosynthesis as he has found this method to be one of the most effective and efficient in his experience. He is a Certified Master Practitioner in Logosynthesis and is completing his certification as a Trainer.


Trish North, M.Ed RCT-C CCC

Trish North has been involved with Logosynthesis from its start. She is the Director of Logosynthesis Canada and the primary Logosynthesis Trainer and supervisor in North America.