Transformational Therapy

Do you think of yourself as on a "journey" of sorts? Perhaps on a path of self-transformation, or simply of letting go of old patterns of thinking, of feeling, of behaviour, and of beliefs - or of how you experience life in general? Perhaps your goal goes beyond functioning better or just being happier, to being able to really be yourself and fulfill a sense of "life purpose"?

"Transformational Change" is one term that I use for this process. It is a process I have been pursuing actively - personally and professionally - for over 25 years; it is a process for which I feel a great deal of passion, and in which I can offer some degree of experience and guidance. The same term is used in social activism for a similar process of social change: everything in this article I happened upon applies to my vision of a personal change and growth process:  What is Transformational Change?

In my mind, the paradox of using the term "Transformational Change" is that in fact, we already have, and are, that which we are seeking. We actually do not need to change who or what we are, or to transform ourselves; what we actually need to do is to let go of the fears, the patterns of behaviours, thoughts and beliefs that get in the way of knowing and being ourselves. These are in fact, the things that we are "transforming".

Transformational change is an ongoing, personal process which you feed and foster from a number of sources, accessing a variety of resources along the way. I feel that the "highest calling" and most exciting potential of psychotherapy is to help someone on a leg of this journey. This is what I call "Transformational Therapy". I welcome anyone who is seeking help or guidance with this type of process, whether through individual counselling/psychotherapy or through group work or workshops.

Transformational Therapy
Manifesting and being your authentic, inner self, with your unique perceptions, gifts and potential in the world can lead to both a sense of fulfillment of your life purpose, and a sense of happiness and well-being. The process of becoming the person that you feel you are inside, in your external world and everyday life, has four components.

  • First of all, to be able to clearly access and acknowledge your true feelings, perceptions and insights.
  • Second, to be able to embrace these, have confidence in them, and take ownership of them.
  • Third, to feel that you can express these thoughts, feelings and perceptions in your environment, within your relationships and in your work.
  • Fourth, to feel that you can act according to these thoughts and feelings in order to actually be that person in your world.

The goal and purpose of what I call Transformational Therapy is to help facilitate this process by helping you clear the obstacles that exist, and helping you learn how to connect with yourself, and how to cultivate that connection – and then how to put it into practice day-to-day.