Relationship Issues

Relationships with a significant other, as well as relationships with friends, family members, children and in the workplace, can all have their challenges. We are challenged by others' behaviours, their choices, their ways of communicating - in short, by what "pushes our buttons." We can also be challenged when it comes to things like clearly communicating ourselves, expressing our needs effectively, and setting boundaries. Sometimes we find that we keep experiencing the same patterns; different relationships with different people seem to feel the same, or to play out much in the same way, and with similar outcomes.

I can work with you individually to improve your relationships, to better understand the problems that are occurring and how to address them. We will look at the problems from different angles - such as communication, behaviour and feelings, as well as the history of the relationship - in order to clarify the problem and identify possible solutions. We will identify and work on changes in patterns of communication, of behaviour and of feeling reactions that will help you to free yourself of the old patterns that are not working for you.

I can help you to work through the problems in your relationships in couples' therapy or in family therapy as well, and to develop healthier patterns of communication and behaviour together.  As you break through old obstacles to good communication, it becomes easier to maintain a healthy relationship by addressing issues before they escalate too far.

Difficulties in relationships are normal, but can be extremely challenging, stressful and draining. When we are not successful in addressing and resolving them as they arise, they can accumulate and compound, spiralling with increasingly negative feelings that continually reinforce themselves, and cause us to feel increasingly helpless to change the situation. The sooner you get help to "reverse the spiral," the easier it is to re-establish the kind of relationship you want.